Sunday, 29 May 2016

Living La Vida Flip Flop

I Love Shoes.
At one point in my life I think I had more shoes than clothes.
Which is just one of the many reasons that this whole SI Joint Dysfunction has been so so so awful.

The pelvis is a complicated and important part of our bodies.
It is the center. Literally The Center. The Core.
Almost all movement that we do initiates from our core, the abdominal muscles, the lower back muscles, the tendons and ligaments surrounding the muscles of the pelvis, the attachment of the legs, the protection of the intestines and sex organs.
If you did not have a pelvis it would be nearly impossible to sit down....or stand up. 
Because our Pelvis, our Center, is so important, if something goes wrong around there it throws the whole body into chaos.
You can't balance. You have difficulty standing or walking or holding anything heavy or squatting or twisting. It's like trying to stand in a storm tossed boat ALL THE TIME.
It is awful. And just talking about it makes me sea sick.

So. If the pelvis is wonky, if the ligaments are either too tight or in my case too loose, some other part of the body is going to have to kick in to help stabilize things.
In my case, my feet have gone into over time trying to keep me stable. I've only met one other person who was diagnosed with SI Joint Dysfunction and her ankles got stuck doing the dirty work. It could be your knees, or more likely your lower back or your shoulders. But Something is going to have to start working or you will end up in a puddle on the floor.

So my poor little shoe loving feet are working over-time to keep me standing. But they are merely feet. Skinny little feet with tiny muscles and short tendons and little tiny bones. Not a big wide pelvis with big muscles and super thick bones. My little tootsies just can't handle all that extra work of keeping my entire body stable so they rebelled. My feet have gone on strike. If I try to walk any distance they cramp up. If I try to put them into a pair of shoes they cramp up. If I stand too long they cramp up. The only thing that will stop the foot spasms is to lie on my back, legs propped up on pillows, muscles relaxants in my blood stream.

And the only thing I can possibly put on my insanely painful and crampy feet are soft rubbery flip flops. They cushion the soles of my feet and still let them move around a bit to do their support work.

Let me tell you something. If you like fashion then you know that a mediocre outfit can be elevated to chicdom with the right pair of shoes. Just think of all of the nice things you wear that are made so much better with Beautiful Shoes. And nothing can ruin a really cute outfit like an old pair of flip flops. Seriously. Imagine pairing your favorite ensemble with a pair of rubber flip flops. See what I mean?  Flip flops are the only shoes I can comfortably wear.
I read a lot of fashion blogs and magazines and I honestly cannot even look at the posts that feature shoes. It is just too sad for shoe loving me.

I know that this is a first world problem. I get that. But still.....
I am Livin' La Vida Flip Flop.
And it is indeed LOCA.